We stand behind our products

Residential Product Warranty

We stand behind our products

WaterFurnace ground source heat pumps offer exceptional savings and comfort for your home — with a much longer lifespan than normal HVAC equipment. But that doesn't mean that they're always perfect. As with many mechanical products, certain components can sometimes fail. That's where our great warranties come into play so you can have peace of mind for years to come. Our robust warranties cover parts, accessories, and a labor allowance for up to 5-10 years depending on the system, but there are also a few other options available if you so choose.

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Depending on your needs and the service contracts offered by your dealer, you may not select the 10-year warranty. WaterFurnace has a few different warranty options, so ask your dealer which is best for your situation. Together, you can select the one that best fits your needs.

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