SAH Air Handler

5 Series Air Handler SAH

The Smarter Choice

The 5 Series SAH Air Handler

Limited space
Air Handler For Limited Space

WaterFurnace Air Handlers are the perfect solution for homes with limited utility space when installed with a WaterFurnace split or hydronic unit. The slim cabinets are perfect for any tight fit and come in three different sizes depending on capacity needed.

Retrofit installation
Smart and flexible for Retrofit Installations

Since the compressor section is separate from the forced air component of your system, installation is flexible and convenient. For example, if you place the WaterFurnace split system in a closet, you can house the Air Handler in the attic or crawlspace to utilize your space effectively.

Greater Insight
Best Components for Great Performance

The air handler, when paired with a split or hydronic system, represents some of our best features and efficiencies yet. They feature ECM blower motors for the ultimate in efficiency and electric backup heat for those rare instances where you need an extra boost of heating.