• Ultimate Comfort />
    The ultimate comfort system

    Learn why geothermal heat pumps are the best way to heat and cool a home.

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  • The Reliable Renewable, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    The Reliable Renewable

    Geo is the only renewable providing reliable operation day or night, year round.

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  • Cost of geothermal />
    How much does geo cost?

    The financial case for geothermal. Find out why geothermal is the only comfort system that pays you back.

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  • Getting started />
    Getting started

    Where do I start? Get some guidance on buying a geothermal system.

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  • 7 Series 700A11 />
    The 7 Series

    For those who accept only the best. The only heating & cooling system you may actually love.

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  • Reviews />

    Find out what other people are saying.

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WaterFurnace residential geothermal heat pumps keep homes comfortable in every climate. That's because we unlock the free, renewable solar energy that's stored in the ground. WaterFurnace delivers comfort the natural way—and cuts your energy bills by up to 70% in the process.