Why WaterFurnace

There are quite a few different brands of geothermal heat pumps out there — so why should you choose WaterFurnace?

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The WaterFurnace Purpose

To transform the way we use energy, protect resources for future generations, and give people the freedom to focus on life.

Made in the Midwest

WaterFurnace is the most recognized and respected name in geothermal. Headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, WaterFurnace has been synonymous with geothermal and water source heat pump technology since we were founded in 1983. Our systems have been installed across all 50 states and in countries around the world. Over the years we've worked to innovate new technologies, integrate key trends and grow our core business to represent clean and sustainable solutions. Our units combine sound engineering with the highest levels of quality control to provide our customers with some of the most efficient heating and cooling systems on the planet.

Why Choose WaterFurnace
Quality is Key

So how did we become the most recognized and respected name in geothermal? WaterFurnace produces quality products, and we sell them directly to dealers and distributors that we trust to install them into homes effectively and efficiently. Simple as that.

The 7 Series—Best of the Best
Staying Ahead of the Pack

WaterFurnace has a long history of bringing innovative products, accessories, and components like communicating controls to the market. We're constantly striving to engineer ways to make our systems more efficient and cost-effective so that more and more consumers can enjoy them. For example, the 7 Series 700A11 is the first variable capacity geothermal heat pump available to homeowners and is one of the most efficient systems that you can possibly own.

Trustworthy Dealer installing unit
Trustworthy Installations

So now that we've covered a bit about what makes our systems special, let's talk about our dealers and distributors. They're the best of the best. In fact, we only sell units to contractors after they've taken WaterFurnace training classes. We know we can build the best system on the planet, but it needs to be installed correctly in order to operate at peak levels and provide the ultimate in comfort.

24/7 Support
Direct Contact

We also provide our dealers and distributors with direct access to the factory, which is unique in our industry. We're here to provide them with customer service, warranty assistance, credit support, and 24/7 technical support so they can take care of their customers in the best possible way. We also have a dedicated consumer relations department to answer any questions or issues you may have along the way.

Why Choose WaterFurnace
Choose WaterFurnace

Choosing any geothermal heat pump is a great choice for the environment and for your family, so why not choose the most trusted and respected name in the industry? We want to keep you and your family comfy and cozy while keeping your utility bills low for many years to come. Come join the WaterFurnace family.