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Everything in harmony

Imagine a platform that can provide detailed feedback of your comfort system in real-time and the tools to control it all from any web-enabled smart phone, tablet, or computer.

That's Symphony.

Symphony is a Wi-Fi based comfort platform that's unsurpassed in its ease of use, feature set and the level of information it provides. Symphony marries the Aurora controls of a WaterFurnace geothermal system with our WebLink router, giving you access to the comfort system from practically anywhere. Symphony is cloud-based so there's no software to install and provides control over the entire geothermal system-not just the temperature as in other 'smart thermostat' systems.

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Energy monitoring while you're out shopping
Energy Monitoring

Symphony gives you the power to monitor and track your unit's energy use instantaneously or as a daily, weekly or 25-month history. The personalized dashboard provides quick access to your system.

Symphony alert appearing on a mobile phone
Peace of Mind

Symphony can provide equipment alerts and service reminders and notifications to you and your contractor. A service tech can log into your system to view faults, operating conditions remotely.

Aurora weblink router
Aurora WebLink

The Aurora WebLink router communicates directly with our Aurora control board rather than simply connecting to the thermostat. This provides you and your dealer with access to unit sensors, energy use and system information rather than the limited information a typical thermostat sees.


The IntelliZone2 gives you the power to precisely control temperatures in up to 6 different areas. The result is the ultimate in comfort and cost savings.

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Thinking about monitoring a second home?
Monitor a second home

Symphony has the capability to monitor multiple units in multiple locations. This means you can monitor a second home and its local surrounding weather from miles away. Symphony can even send a notification to you when power is off at the home.

Symphony is compatible with Amazon Alexa
Amazon Alexa for Symphony

Amazon Alexa for Symphony allows owners to control a connected unit in their home with voice commands through a compatible smart device. Customers have the ability to adjust their home or an IntelliZone2 zone temperature and mode of operation using their voice from anywhere Alexa can be reached.

Amazon Alexa for Symphony Skill
Amazon Alexa for Symphony User Guide

Other Symphony Components
Symphony thermostats
Symphony Thermostats

An internet-enabled thermostat allows homeowners to change temperature, set a schedule, monitor vacation mode, and more via smart phone or tablet.

in wall invisible thermostat
Invisible Thermostats

If you'd rather not have a thermostat cluttering your walls, install an optional invisible flush-mount 'mud-in' temperature and use a Symphony-based smartphone or tablet to control your home comfort levels instead.