Net Zero Homes

Net Zero homes are increasing in popularity as more and more people delve into the realm of renewable energy and realize the possibilities associated with it. Maybe you want to reduce your energy bills as much as you possibly can. Or maybe you just really want your home to be ultra-efficient and earth-friendly. By combining on-site power generation like solar or wind technology with energy-efficient construction and appliances, your home can collect enough energy as it needs to operate on an annual basis. Now that's smart.

Reduce Utility Energy Usage

One of the best and most effective ways to achieve net zero status is by installing a WaterFurnace geothermal comfort system. A geothermal system uses the solar heat stored in the earth, rather than creating heat for your home with fossil fuels. That's how it reduces utility bills more than any other heating and cooling solution.

Produce Energy & Use Less

Since two-thirds of the average home's energy bills come from heating, cooling, and hot water, installing a geothermal system reduces the energy usage so much that the home can operate on what the solar or wind component is producing. Thus making your home net zero.

Other Benefits Of A Net Zero Home

Relax In Peace

A net zero energy home is usually built to be airtight with extremely insulated walls, resulting in noise reduction as well as improved comfort. So you can relax in peace and quiet in your home, free from the noises of a traditional HVAC system and any outdoor sounds that would bleed into a typically-built house.

Secure And Safe

Net zero homeowners won't have to worry as much about fluctuations in energy prices or the harmful effects of fossil fuels. There are no flames, fumes, or combustion which means no chance of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Home Energy Rating System

Net zero homes boast some of the best Home Energy Rating System (HERS) ratings possible. A HERS score gives homeowners a way of comparing just how energy efficient their home is to others — similar to a MPG rating on a vehicle. A high rating can increase your home value!

Environmentally Friendly

Net zero homes are some of the most environmentally friendly homes around since harmful fossil fuels aren't burned. They save energy and reduce pollution, thus saving the world.

Reliable Energy

Net zero homes have the ability to continue operating even when the power goes out—no generator needed.

Lead The Way

A net zero home is the cutting-edge in home design, technology, energy efficiency, and sustainability. You can lead the way to a better and smarter future for the world and your family.