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Geothermal Energy we can all agree on

No matter what you believe, geothermal may be the one thing we can all agree on

At WaterFurnace we believe that energy shouldn’t be a divisive topic. Using less, when possible, is always better than using more. And who likes wasting money? Geothermal sits uniquely at the crossroads of savings, environmentalism, and conservation—so whether you want to liberate yourself from dependence on fossil fuels or just want to stop wasting money, we all win. Unlike solar or wind, geothermal is available in almost any climate - day or night, rain or shine, winter or summer. That’s why it’s called the Reliable Renewable. Are you ready to take the next step? See how much you could save using our savings calculator, or get a free, no-obligation quote from a local dealer.

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Climate skeptics who can agree they like saving money

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Whether you want to stop climate change or just stop wasting money, we all win with geothermal.

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Red or blue we can all believe in green

30% tax credit for even more savings

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How geothermal benefits everyone

Energy Efficient

WaterFurnace systems are rated number one in energy efficiency because they can deliver almost five units of energy for every one unit of electrical energy used.

Enviromentally friendly

The innovative loop system of a geothermal unit makes it possible to heat and cool without producing harmful greenhouse gasses.


Large, high efficiency MERV 11 filters come standard with our units to provide exceptional indoor air quality and protect your family from dust and pollen. WaterFurnace units also circulate air more often, further filtering the air.


One compact WaterFurnace unit provides heating, central air conditioning, and supplemental domestic hot water for your entire home. Horizontal, vertical, and bottom-flow configurations are available for a wide range of home applications, including newly constructed as well as existing homes.


WaterFurnace units are usually installed indoors where they're not subject to the punishing effects of weather. They have an incredible lifespan of 25 years or more.


WaterFurnace systems don’t require noisy outdoor units that can disturb your peaceful surroundings. Even though variable capacity units are generally the quietest products we offer, we’ve taken a number of steps to make them even more so.

Infinite Energy Source

Right below your feet is a free and renewable reservoir of solar energy. Our systems tap into that energy to provide comfortable heating, cooling, and hot water to your home. And since they don't burn expensive fossil fuels, geothermal heat pumps are the safest and most cost effective choice for your family's comfort.

Since fossil fuels are out of the picture, you can save up to 70% on your utility bills! They're the most efficient method of home conditioning available today. And with our special financing, you can realize those savings with nothing down and for as little as $125/month.

30% Tax Credit

A geothermal heat pump will save money on utility bills, especially with the rising costs of fossil fuels. And now through 2021, the federal tax credit is available but is scheduled to gradually decrease each year. The credit is 30% through 2019, 26% through 2020, and 22% through 2021, so act now for the most savings!

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