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5 Day Quick Ship Program
Envision XL Quick Ship Program

WaterFurnace Commercial Solutions Group offers a 5-day lead time (five business days) on a select range of Envision XL units to support a growing demand for high-tonnage water source heat pumps. This program currently allows a maximum of three units of any one size and is available with the configurations and options listed below.

Program details

Nomenclature for Models Available for Quick Ship

NX = Envision Series Extended Range
H = Horizontal, unpainted
(095, 120 sizes only)
V = Vertical, painted
(095, 120, 240 sizes only)
095, 120 (Horizontal)
095, 120, 240 (Vertical)
T = Vertical Top Discharge
E = Horizontal End Discharge
S = Side Discharge
L = Left
R = Right
3 = 208-230/60/3
4 = 460/60/3
0 = Future
A = Std Static/Std Motor
C = High Static/Std Motor
C = Copper
A = None
B = Sound Package
N = None
R = Hot Gas Reheat
N = None
A = Aurora Base Control (ABC)
E = Aurora DDC
F = Aurora DDC with LON
3 = Uncoated
QP = 2" MERV 13 Filter (240 only)
SG = 2" MERV 13 Filter, Stainless Steel Drain Pain (095-120 only)
B = Current

*Please note that this program does not include expedited freight.



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