Versatec 700 Indoor DOAS WSHP
Versatec 700 Indoor DOAS WSHP DAS 10 to 30 Ton
2000-8000 CFM

Versatec 700 Indoor DOAS WSHP

The Dedicated Outdoor Air System that integrates with a full system to efficiently clean air and transfer heat and moisture.

Diagram of DOAS ventilation

Premium, Efficient Ventilation

Not only does the Versatec 700 Indoor DOAS bring fresh outdoor air inside the building, it also has the added bonus of helping maintain temperature and humidity levels by transferring the properties of the conditioned air to the air that’s being brought in. That results in tremendous energy savings.

Illustrative diagram showing apartment building with indoor DOAS

Indoor Installation

Instead of being on the rooftop like most Dedicated Outdoor Air System, the Versatec 700 Indoor DOAS is an easily accessible interior unit. That increases life expectancy, easier to maintain, and eliminates costs associated with a rooftop installation.

DOAS integrated aurora controls UPC

Integrated Aurora Controls

Onsite airflow configurations ensure installers aren’t constrained by factory-mandated settings. Airflow configurations can be adjusted at the jobsite to ensure best airflow design for the space. Controls are integrated with the rest of the system, so one set manages and supervises the whole process—making it much more straightforward and intuitive.

Product Overview

When every particle and every cent matter, WaterFurnace has the solution for a better Dedicated Outdoor Air System. The Versatec 700 Indoor DOAS gives you the benefits of an indoor unit that fully integrates with WaterFurnace controls for a complete system—offering flexibility, ease of use and reliability.

Integrated controls

One Set of Controls, 1 System, 1 Brand

The Versatec 700 Indoor DOAS and Aurora controls are both designed and manufactured by WaterFurnace and are designed to work hand-in-hand with each other, affording greater dependability. It also means warranties are compatible.

Versatec 700 Indoor DOAS monitoring sensors

Enhanced Monitoring

Outdoor air, return air, leaving wheel temperature and entering wheel temperature are all overseen by standard Aurora Advanced Controls. Optional Aurora Premium sensors offer added capabilities.

Convenient installation

Convenient Installation & Service

The DOAS unit is small enough to fit through 36-inch doors and standard elevators and ships in easy to assemble modules to further simplify delivery. Hinged panels make it easy to conduct preventative maintenance and perform service.

Short lead times

Short Lead Times

While most manufacturers take several months to deliver your DOAS, WaterFurnace will get your Versatec 700 Indoor DOAS to you faster than any other manufacturer.