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Water Source / Geothermal Products

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Water-to-Air Water Source/Geothermal Versatec 700 WSHP Versatec 700 WSHP UVV, UVH

2 to 15 Tons (7 sizes)
Up to 25.0 EER / Up to 7.8 COP

Utilizes advanced variable speed technology to deliver industry-leading efficiencies and capacity control.

Water-to-Air Large Capacity Water Source/Geothermal Versatec 500 WSHP Versatec 500 WSHP UDV, UDH, UDT, NBH, NBV

0.75 to 30 Tons (24 sizes)
Up to 21.6 EER / Up to 6.4 COP

Features a compact footprint that is ideal for large zones in commercial and institutional applications.

Water-to-Air Water Source/Geothermal Versatec 300 WSHP Versatec 300 WSHP UBH, UBV, NXH, NXV

0.5 to 10 Tons (15 sizes)
Up to 18.9 EER / Up to 5.2 COP

Provides a higher, mid-tier efficiency option offering a wide range of features and options.

Water-to-Air Water Source/Geothermal Console Versatec 300 & 500 Consoles Versatec 300 & 500 Consoles NCC, NCS, NCW, NCX, LCC, LCS, LCW

0.75 to 1.5 Tons (4 sizes)
Up to 13.6 EER / Up to 4.9 COP

Ideal for high efficiency retrofits in areas without common ductwork.