Commercial Controls IntelliZone2 BACNet

Comfort Zoning System

The IntelliZone2 BACnet™ system elevates the ability to maintain comfort and efficiency in commercial applications through seamless integration with your building automation and controls network. Designed to solve problems inherent to any commercial HVAC zoning system, this system allows automated space conditioning for up to six individual zones. Aurora controls make the IntelliZone2 BACnet System a perfect match to WaterFurnace systems, extending comfort and energy savings farther than ever before.

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Zoning system
Up to 6 Zones

Managing the temperature needs of multiple zones in commercial properties is challenging. With the IntelliZone2 BACnet, you can precisely regulate temperatures in up to six areas of commercial properties using our Versatec Variable Speed units. The system is also compatible with Dual Capacity (up to four zones) and Single Capacity (up to two zones) equipment.

Tablet-based diagnostics

The user-friendly diagnostics platform for Android-based tablets allows monitoring of heat pump diagnostic data in real time, including current operating status, temperatures, pressures and energy monitoring data. System alarms also can be monitored and reset as needed.

Energy monitoring
Configure and Manage Demand Controlled Ventilation

The demand—controlled ventilation setting can enable or disable a modulating outside air damper based on the CO2 levels measured in each zone.