Commercial Controls Aurora Base Controls (ABC) control board

Aurora Advanced Controls

Connect to traditional thermostat via 24VAC thermostat signals with heating, cooling, and dehumidifcation modes of operation. Optional Aurora UPC allows BACnet MSTP, N2, or LonWorks (add-on board) connection.


  • Variable speed permanent magnet compressor1
  • Compressor current monitoring
  • Analog output to control the modulating HGRH valve if the unit is configured with this option (not available to drive a modulating OA damper)
  • Variable Speed Pump Output configured to control a modulating water control valve instead of a pump depending upon the application
  • Optional Performance Monitoring Option
  • Optional refrigerant Monitoring Option
  • Electronic expansion valve1
  • Water temp in/out (Option 1)
  • Full unit energy monitoring of compressor, fan, and auxiliary heat current and power.
  • Field installed water flow meter is required to measure heat of Extraction/Rejection (Option 2)
  • Refrigerant temperatures and pressures including superheat and subcooling

1. Exclusive to the Versatec 700 Series.