Commercial Products

Commercial Product Line

WaterFurnace renamed our products to better reflect their applications and functionality.
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WaterFurnace's line of water source heat pumps are redefining expectations in the commercial market. Variable capacity, active humidity control, multi-zone capabilities, communicating control systems, and outdoor air management are just a few of the innovations that WaterFurnace is developing in one of the industry's broadest WSHP product lines. We also offer an entire range of chiller products that extend the system into central station plant designs.

Water source geothermal heat pumps

Water Source / Geothermal

We offer a wide range of water source and geothermal products, both water-to-air and water-to-water.



Our rooftop ranges in sizes from 3-ton up to 30-ton and includes a wide range of innovative and beneficial options.


Dedicated Outdoor Air System

Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) with capacity from 10-30 tons to efficiently condition air and simultaneously transfer energy from conditioned air to what’s being brought in



WaterFurnace chillers are large in capacity but compact in size and boast a wide array of features and options.

Quick Ship

Select WaterFurnace models and configurations can be ordered through our expedited Quick Ship Program.


The Aurora family of communicating controls provide true two-way communication among system components.