Hospitality markets for water source heat pumps

Water Source Heat Pumps & Geothermal
for Hotels or Restaurants

WaterFurnace's portfolio of commercial solutions will transform the guest experience while it provides a host of benefits to building owners and managers. WaterFurnace products can provide visitors individual comfort control with cost-effective operation—providing increased profits for your hotel.

Versatec Rooftop Innovative and Flexible Systems For Hospitality

Innovative and Flexible Systems to Meet Any Space Requirements

WaterFurnace offers a wide selection of efficiencies, sizes, and technologies to fit any commercial space—central or distributed. Our Versatec Rooftop is ideal for larger recreational or retail spaces while individual systems provide efficient, quiet, and safe comfort for guest rooms.

Tablet displaying commercial energy savings after switching to geothermal energy

Lower Life Cycle Cost and Total Cost of Ownership

Water source heat pumps provide the highest efficiencies, lowest initial costs and longest system life when compared to other HVAC solutions. WaterFurnace geothermal systems for hotels, restaurants and retail spaces are engineered around energy efficiency, adding up to lower lifecycle costs.

WaterFurnace Waterside Economizers

Economizer and Heat Recovery for Lower Energy Consumption

WaterFurnace Waterside Economizers can provide significant savings to building owners, using cool air or water in place of operating a compressor when conditions are right. Additionally, our water source heat pumps can move heat that's normally wasted to areas of the building that need it, resulting in lower energy consumption and costs.