Healthcare markets for water source heat pumps

Water Source Heat Pumps & Geothermal
for Hospitals or Medical Facilities

WaterFurnace offers a wide selection of efficiencies, sizes, and technologies to fit any hospital or medical facility's needs but also provides unique HVAC or geothermal solutions to mechanical engineers and facility owners. Whether centralized or distributed or a mixture of both, our water source systems can provide incredible indoor air quality, room air isolation, and stable energy costs for the facility. The quality and reliability associated with the WaterFurnace name combined with enhanced air filtration and sophisticated controls for performance monitoring make WaterFurnace the ideal HVAC or geothermal solution for hospitals and medical facilities.

Versatec Rooftop Innovative and Flexible Systems For Hospitals

Innovative and Flexible Systems to Meet Any Space Requirements

Diversity in building types from small standalone medical facilities to leased spaces to large hospital complexes drives the need for flexibility and variety in HVAC and geothermal system offerings. WaterFurnace's Versatec Rooftop system can be utilized for larger spaces like cafeterias while individual units are the perfect fit for patient rooms.

Air bubbles in water

Safe Heat Transfer with Water

Piping large amounts of refrigerant between rooms can be dangerous—just like the combustion of fossil fuels. Water source heat pumps provide safe conditioning in healthcare facilities with low to no refrigerant transportation.

Tablet displaying commercial energy savings after switching to geothermal energy

Lower Life Cycle Cost and Total Cost of Ownership

Water source heat pumps provide the highest energy efficiency solution with a lower initial cost and overall total cost of ownership when compared to other HVAC solutions. Significant savings, longer lifespans, and minimal maintenance reduce life cycle costs.