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Environmental Guide For Contractors and Suppliers

This guide is for the information of all contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and their agents whose activities at the WaterFurnace International (WFI) facilities or offices may result in environmental impacts. WFI has implemented an ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (EMS) that conforms to ISO 14001 requirements, and requires observance by contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.

Our Enviromental Policy:

WFI is committed to environmental sustainability and the development of environmentally friendly products. WFI will comply with all relevant environmental laws, regulations, and requirements. We will work together to prevent pollution, minimize environmental risks, and to protect and improve the environment.

Spill Prevention and Response

Contractors and suppliers shall make every effort to prevent unintentional release of any substance or material that may result in contamination of soil, groundwater, storm water, or air. This includes the provision of adequate spill/release prevention measures for all materials. Contractors shall provide, and keep on site, spill response materials appropriate for containing and absorbing spills that may result from any materials handled on site.

In case of a spill, contractors and suppliers shall attempt to contain the spread of the spill, stop its source, and complete the cleanup of the spill, if it can be done safely. All spills or releases must be reported immediately to the WFI host.

Upon notification, the contractor or supplier shall describe the location and nature of the spill, and any containment/cleanup actions taken. Any cleanup costs incurred by WFI will be charged to the party responsible for causing the spill.

Any other environmental incident must be reported immediately to the WFI host who will inform the WFI Environmental Manager.

Hazardous and Liquid Waste Management

All hazardous waste or liquid waste generated shall be placed in proper containers. Containers shall be properly labeled and tightly closed. All hazardous and liquid waste containers shall be kept away from sewer drains to minimize the risk of accidental spills/leaks entering the sewer system.

General Enviromental Management Requirements

  • Contractors and suppliers are required to maintain all work areas, material storage areas, and contractor trailer surroundings free of garbage, construction debris, packaging materials, litter, or any other type of waste at all times.
  • Under no circumstances shall contractors or suppliers be allowed to discharge any dry or liquid material or waste into storm water catch basins, manholes, or drainage ditches. Contractors shall not make any permanent or temporary connections that would allow a release into the sanitary or storm sewers and/or drains.
  • Contractors and suppliers shall properly label, store, and dispose of all waste materials generated from their activities in accordance with applicable regulations. Contractors and suppliers shall take used paint cans and non-functional light bulbs with them when leaving WFI facilities. It is their responsibility to ensure proper disposal.
  • Contractors and suppliers must be sensitive to the effects of noise, odor, light, fugitive dust emissions, and traffic movement to the facility and local community.
  • Contractors and suppliers must be fully aware of, and comply with, all federal, state, and local laws and regulations applicable to their activities while working on WFI property.


Contractors and suppliers shall ensure availability of SDS for all materials that are brought on site.

Contact the Purchasing/Materials department with any questions.

ENV-007 Rev. 04/27/2015


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