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Winning the war on indoor air quality

Understanding Indoor Air Quality

Due to the high percentage of time we spend indoors at home, work, or at school, the scientific community has placed a new focus on indoor air quality. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has determined that indoor air can actually have 2-5 times higher concentrations of harmful pollutants than outdoor air. Although some individual pollutants may not pose a significant risk to our health, a combination of sources can, over time, create serious health problems.

Download the AlpinePure brochureA common source for these hazards is the building materials used in new homes. These materials can release airborne particles or fumes for several years, giving a home that "new home smell." With builders constructing tighter homes to reduce energy costs, these fumes cannot escape. Meanwhile, owners of older homes face concerns from wood, furnishings, and fabrics which naturally break down over time, radon and mold from previously damp duct systems or carpet.

Other pollutants like pollen, smog, plant spores, tobacco smoke, and bacteria are creating health problems ranging from dizziness to asthma. As a result, WaterFurnace is continuously adding to and improving its indoor air quality line of products to protect your family's health.

Download the brochure See all of our indoor air quality products.   
Download the brochure The Conservation Way Newsletter - Indoor Air Quality


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