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GeoLink Design Studio
Designed by WaterFurnace to be the best geothermal design and energy analysis software available.

GeoLink Design Studio combines geothermal engineering design with annual operating cost comparison and sales proposal software. This easy to use software package allows a quick design and proposal to be generated for any residential or light commercial project.

Download the DEMO version

Key Features:
  • Utilizes standard ACCA Manual J or ASHRAE Loads Input
  • Climate tables of nearly 300 North American and worldwide cities
  • New Windows User Interface with photos, illustrations and on-line help
  • Four Systems Comparison for a Base, Good, Better, Best sales presentation option:
    - Two Geothermal, Air to air equipment, and Fossil Furnace
  • Store and Retrieve Utility Rate Files
  • Dual Fuel Backup
  • Seasonal performance algorithms for A-A, Furnace and AC systems
  • Supports both single and two-stage heating and cooling systems
  • Radiant systems included
  • Over 30 pre-configured loops with automatic loop sizing capability
  • 10 Soil Selections
  • Proposal Generator using Base/Good/Better/Best sales scenarios
  • Continuous Fan and Filtration/HRV operating costs calculations
  • Automatic data and software updates from the web
  • New File Management
    - Saves Files Into Database
    - Backup
    - Import/Export Files
  • New Output
    - Color Graphs and Charts
    - PDF output for direct email

Download the DEMO version




System Requirements: Minimum Preferred
Operating System: Windows XP Windows 7 or 8
Hard Drive Space: 40 MB 60 MB

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