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This lead management tool is something completely new and will allow you to not only view leads but follow-up, organize, or forward the leads to the "closers" on your sales team. All your leads will be viewed and managed from one convenient place. You no longer have to dig through piles of emails just to find a lead. We'll be adding new lead nurturing and marketing automation features that will help convert leads to sales.

Capture Leads, Increase Sales

Based on your feedback, we've taken a number of steps to optimize performance and add unique features. By entering just the street number and zip code, most consumers can see an estimate of potential savings that is both fast - and accurate. This calculator was designed to provide enough data to pique a consumer's interest and request contact — but not enough to replace a proper assessment from you. Best of all, it was developed by WaterFurnace, so there will be a level of integration with other upcoming tools which no other developer can match.

The WaterFurnace Savings Calculators are now free for our dealers on the dealer locator, so why not give it a try? Lead generation and management are important business functions, so we've developed the tools you need to succeed. Paired with our custom dealer website program and the dealer locator, the Savings Calculator can capture information from interested consumers simply and quickly. Also, integration within a dealer's website is a snap — you can add it yourself or just send Ez Online the url for your calculator, and it will appear on your dealer website. We're excited to offer this valuable lead generation tool and lead management system as the first of many powerful new sales tools coming from WaterFurnace.

Already have a WaterFurnace Savings Calculator?

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Gather even more leads by placing a link to the savings calculator on your website's homepage. We know every website is different so we've created an assortment of buttons in different sizes, styles and colors to best suite your company's website.
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