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Savings Calculator Changelog

Version 3.1.1 released on July 1, 2012

  • NewAdded our brand new products to the calculator and downloadable savings sheet.
  • ImprovedEnlarged icons for buttons to increase visibility.

Version 3.1 released on March 29, 2012

  • NewA homeowner can now share their savings on Twitter with the simple press of a button on the calculator.
  • ImprovedSimplified the information input process to just 3 fields to engage more users.
  • ImprovedConverted the calculator to a two-step process rather than three. Able to gather leads more effectively now.
  • ImprovedContacting a dealer has been moved from the third step to a more streamlined footer.
  • ImprovedLeaving your info to be contacted by a dealer is more prominently placed before a user can view their savings charts.

Version 2.20 released on May 5, 2011

  • NewAdded a secondary fuel source dropdown to the interface to accommodate those homeowners that have heat pumps and wish to specify the backup fuel source. Improved accuracy when calculating savings on heat pumps.
  • NewAdded summary page as third step. Improves likelihood of user leaving information.
  • FixedRemoved some new weather stations that had only partial-year data associated with them.
  • ImprovedChanged graphics creating more emersive and rich environment for the user.
  • ImprovedAdded smooth transitions and clearer steps to user interface.
  • ImprovedInterface now automatically sets proper fuel rate when changing the fuel source.
  • ImprovedModified the calculator for various differences in building materials for the South, North and Canada. The country is now split across latitude lines bringing regional defaults for insulation and other values.