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The benefits of being a GeoPro

The WaterFurnace GeoPro logo is a powerful way to differentiate your business and instill a sense of trust among homeowners. It immediately gives you an advantage over dealers of competing brands—and even other WaterFurnace dealers.

We're taking steps to make it more valuable—to both you and your customers.

Move to the top of the list

GeoPros represent the best from WaterFurnace and as such you'll receive priority placement on the locator—you'll always appear before non-GeoPros.

Being at the top of the dealer locator brings your company more visibility and as a result, more leads.

The power of ratings

Online product information, user reviews, and rating systems move consumers away from decisions based solely on price and increasingly towards decisions made on quality.

While other programs recognize dealers primarily for selling a large volume of units, GeoPros are rewarded for excellent business practices. The new ratings increase trust among geothermal shoppers and are based on the 4 criteria below:

Earn your stars in these categories

Customer satisfaction

Consumer feedback has become an important part of the decision process for buyers. To build trust with our GeoPros, a satisfaction survey is sent to the homeowner as part of the warranty registration process. The customer is asked to rate both their experience with the dealer and the equipment. Ratings are given based on those results. Because homeowners are usually excited to get their geo system running, feedback should generally be high.

5 Stars

95%+ positive feedback

4 Stars

90-95% positive feedback

3 Stars

85-90% positive feedback

Commitment to training

Training is an important part of being a GeoPro. Our program rewards you for attending WaterFurnace classes and also for achieving IGSHPA certification. Send someone to WaterFurnace training every 24 months to maintain GeoPro status. To make it easier, reward points are now eligible for use on training and we'll continue to offer credits as part of our sales promotions.

5 Stars

WaterFurnace training in the last year AND IGSHPA certification

4 Stars

WaterFurnace training in the last year or training in the last 24 months AND IGSHPA certification

3 Stars

WaterFurnace training in the last 24 months

WaterFurnace experience

If you've been offering WaterFurnace geothermal for a long time, you should be recognized for it. The experience rating is based on the number of years your company has been installing WaterFurnace geothermal.

5 Stars

5+ years as a dealer

4 Stars

3-4 years as a dealer

3 Stars

0-2 years as a dealer


Like experience, sales volume can sometimes be an indicator of how much expertise a dealer has with geothermal. And because we're evaluating on a family of metrics, we're able to lower the number of units required, making GeoPro more accessible to those in smaller markets.

5 Stars

30+ units annually

4 Stars

23-29 units annually

3 Stars

15-22 units annually

Your star rating will be averaged between all these scores

Using these rating criteria, we believe the GeoPro program gives homeowners the information they need to make an educated choice in installers.

You must maintain a minimum 3 star rating in each category to retain your GeoPro status. Guidelines for qualification

Exclusive new GeoPro advertising

When you've got something special, you tell the world. We're so proud of our GeoPro dealers that we're developing exclusive advertising—available only to GeoPros. Run these ads in your local market to differentiate yourselves from other brands—and even other dealers. You can even apply GeoPro points to MDF advertising.

Advertise today

No additional work

The best part is, dealers don't have any extra procedures to participate. The GeoPro program is calculated automatically and lets you focus on selling—not on administrating your listing.

Earn points. Get rewards.

Every unit you register for a warranty generates rewards points. We've increased the flexibility of the program and points can be redeemed for amazing vacation packages, training for your employees, and now advertising for your company! As we continue to assess the program, we'll look for other ways for you to use your rewards.

Current rewards

GeoPro Trip Ocean Reef Club

GeoPro Trips

Check back soon for details on our next GeoPro trip.

Coming Soon

1 point = $85 GeoPro technician with text on image

Marketing Development Funds

Use your points towards any WaterFurnace MDF advertising.


1 point = $85 Man in front of projector screen conducting WaterFurnace training

WaterFurnace Training

Use your points as credits towards any WaterFurnace training class.

Attend training

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