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Guidelines for qualification

Becoming a GeoPro

1. Each GeoPro must be nominated by their Territory Manager to participate in the program.

2. To be considered for nomination, a dealer must meet the minimum requirements in each of the three assessment categories (training, WaterFurnace experience, and sales volume). For example, if a dealer achieves 3 stars in training, and experience but falls below the 15-unit sale mark, they are not eligible for GeoPro status.

3. After a dealer is nominated they must sign the GeoPro Agreement and Checklist. Once this is done, the TM will send a request to the Director of Dealer Sales to change the dealer's class to GeoPro. The Director of Dealer Sales will approve and forward the request to the Credit department. Class changes in WaterFurnace's back end systems will be reflected on the dealer locator normally within two business days.

Maintaining GeoPro Status

1. Dealers will be evaluated annually at the start of the calendar year regarding GeoPro program status.

2. If a dealer falls below minimum eligibility requirements in any category at the point of evaluation, they will be given a probation period of three months to return to qualifing levels. During probation, dealers will keep the ratings they attained before being placed on probation. If at the end of the probation period a dealer still hasn't met the minimum requirements, the dealer will be removed from the GeoPro program. They are elegible to be considered for the program again once all criteria at that time are met.


Dealers must have at least one contractor attend WaterFurnace training every 24 months to maintain GeoPro status.

Dealers must inform WaterFurnace of any IGSHPA accredited installers to receive credit for accreditation. It is up to the dealer to notify WaterFurnace of changes to personnel or accreditation.
Let us know if you are or aren't IGSHPA accredited


Experience is calculated based on WaterFurnace experience.

Sales Volume & GeoPro points

GeoPro reward points will be awarded only after units are registered for warranty. We encourage dealers to register units on behalf of the homeowner at warranty.waterfurnace.com

GeoPro reward points can be applied towards any WaterFurnace training class or converted to Marketing Development Funds (MDF) at a rate of $85 per point.

Reward points will be awarded as follows:

  • Each residential package unit will receive 1 point upon registration
  • Each split and each air handler will receive ½ point upon registration-regardless of whether or not they are invoiced together
  • All commercial units (except consoles) will receive ½ point upon registration

Dealers must be in good standing with WaterFurnace as well as meet current GeoPro requirements or have probationary status in order to accrue points. Units registered prior to becoming a GeoPro or after a dealer's probation period has ended do not qualify for points.

GeoPro Reward Points accrue each calendar year and can be used the following year. However, sales volumes used to determine GeoPro eligibility and GeoPro ratings are calculated daily based on rolling 12-month sales. Dealers will be notified how many they purchased versus how many GeoPro points were awarded in order to help them identify and follow-up with unregistered units.

Dealers have 1 year from ship/invoice date or until January 15 of the next year, whichever occurs sooner, to register units purchased in the current year. Any unit purchased in the current year but registered after January 15 will be awarded points for the following year's program as long as they're registered within 1 year of the ship date.


  • A unit is shipped on January 10, 2023. If it is registered prior to January 10, 2024, it will be awarded a point for 2023 accrual, usable in 2024. If it is not registered or is registered on or after January 10, 2024 (1 year after it's ship date), it no longer qualifies for any points.
  • A unit is shipped on July 1, 2023. If it is registered prior to January 15, 2024, it will be awarded a point for 2023 accrual, usable in 2024. If is registered after January 15, 2024 but prior to July 1, 2024, it will be a point for 2024 accrual, usable in 2025. If it is not registered or registered after July 1, 2024 (1 year after it's ship date), it no longer qualifies for any points.

Units accrued in one calendar year are usable the following calendar year for available benefits such as GeoPro trips, training credits, or the Marketing Development Funds (MDF) program. Unused points that are not used by the end of the year are rolled over once into the following year. Unused points will not roll over into a second year.