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Smart homeowners are enjoying the benefits of WaterFurnace systems.

"We are a blended family but we are in our 4th geo-thermal home at present. Both families had geothermal as indivduals and when we remarried we added geo to the first house we moved into. It was a 1900 sq. ft per floor (2) ,and the heating, elec. averaged 125/mth. We have since moved to another home that had geo already. It is awesome because it is a 1500sq.ft house with a1650 sq.ft. additional pool room and pool. The geo heats the whole house and all the pool water Approx. 20,000 gals. We live close to the N. Dakota border so we can get some very cold weather in winter. The worst elec. bill we have seen is $290./ month. Also the 3 car garage is floor heated with the same system. Geo in our minds is the only way to go if you plan on being in your home for a reasonable lenght of time because it's eviro-friendly, cost efficent  it has a constant temp in your house at all times."
--Keith & Shirley Scott 

"Unfortunately, flooding destroyed our old A/C systems (2) and ducts under the house. Having the house elevated was not such a sad story but gave us the opportunity to replace our entire heating and air conditioning system. Since our installation of the 2 WaterFurnace Envision systems, new duct work installed to green standards above the ceiling, we immediately realized two things. First the even and constant comfort throughout our old house. Second, our bills reduced 40 to 50%. Wow. When they removed the 60 amp breakers replacing them with 30's, I knew we were going in the right direction. Our old house this year has undergone a major facelift. New energy windows doors, insulation where needed, sealing all cracks, spraying Icynene and activating the desuperheater with our new DHW. All these actions have yielded savings close to 60%. The house is quiet not having to turn up the TV volume as with the old system and the comfort of winter heating and cooling through the summer is most impressive. Also, as with our old heater, I don't have to smell those electrical heating elements and its annoying cooling cycle. As we begin thinking of our new vacation house plans on the coast, WaterFurnace will play a part there too. Thank you so much."
--Stephen & Kathy Belovary

"I moved into a 4,600 square foot house in 2006. This was the biggest place I'd ever lived in. It's pretty nice, catherdral foyer and family room, lots of room for a growing family. After my first year of level billing with natural gas, I decided to lower my thermostat 2 degrees to get the bill down down in the coming year. And I did, I used 20% less therms (3,500 to 3,000) but when I got my next level billing amount, it went up 30%. How could my bill go up when my usage went down ? (this represented a 50% swing). I had been researching alternatve energies and I decided to get two GeoThermal units. Not only has my electricity usage gone down in the summer months by 30%, my natural gas bill went from $385 per month to $8...that's right, $8. I only use gas for the clothes dryer and cooking. Geo hot water is supplemented by a brand new electric water heater. Not only do I sing the praises of Geo energy to anyone I know but my Waterfurnace system works great. And now, instead of dreading the gas bill every month, I look forward to it to see how low can I go (and my electric bill too). And I get a little laugh every time...."
--D. Santaniello

"We did the absolute right thing by going with WaterFurnace. It costs much less than heating and cooling with gas or oil. And it's the most environmentally friendly system there is, which is a big concern to us. We don't like burning fossil fuels so it was the only sensible choice. When we were building our home, we knew it would be our retirement home, so we wanted the most economical and environmentally responsible system available. I had read an article about geothermal and started doing more research on it. WaterFurnace was the most reputable brand on the market. The air is always warm, and the air conditioning feels naturally cool. It's definitely worth the investment. I especially love the fact that the system doesn't require upkeep. No cleaning the furnace every year and no worry about harmful fumes or emissions. We're the poster children for geothermal technology. We love it!"
--Greg & Barb A.

"I must tell you of all the things we put into our house, there are two things that are outstanding. First, I wanted to use blown-in insulation in our walls. The second thing, and by far the most outstanding thing about our new home, is the WaterFurnace geothermal system. This is our fifth home and it is the most comfortable heating system we have ever had. If we were to ever build a new home again, I can guarantee you that it would have a WaterFurnace system."
--Tom & Gloria C.

"It's a very good system--reliable and quiet. And it's really nice not having an ugly outdoor unit. Visitors are always interested in our geothermal system. I tell them not to be turned off by the initial expense; you'll be laughing all the way to the bank when the electric bills come in. My wife's cousin is building a house nearby and he's determined to get a WaterFurnace system. He knows how happy we are with ours."
--Robert L.



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