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The GeoPro designation signifies that an independent WaterFurnace dealer has committed to maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction, employee training and quality. Only a portion of our dealers are invited to join the GeoPro program and each receives a rating based on geothermal experience, training and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, they agree to publicly display that rating on our dealer locator so homeowners can make an informed choice on who installs their geothermal system. No other geothermal manufacturer does it. That's one reason more people trust the WaterFurnace brand for their homes than any other geothermal manufacturer.

What makes a GeoPro?

Each GeoPro is rated in four distinct categories

Customer Satisfaction

After each sale, a satisfaction survey is sent to the homeowner during the warranty registration process. They're asked to rate both their experience with their dealer and our equipment. Ratings are given based on those results and made public for you to see.


Dealers earn ratings based on the length of experience with WaterFurnace geothermal heat pumps. You can rest assured that our five-star dealers have had at least 5 years of WaterFurnace geothermal heat pump installations under their belt.


Training is important to GeoPro dealers. Our program rewards them for attending WaterFurnace classes and also for IGSHPA certification. Dealers must have sent someone to WaterFurnace training in the last 24 months to maintain GeoPro status.


Like experience, sales volume can sometimes be an indicator of how much expertise a dealer has with WaterFurnace geothermal. Dealers with higher scores sell more units.

Using the rating criteria, we believe the GeoPro program gives you the information you need to make an educated choice in installers.

Find a GeoPro

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