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How a geothermal heating and cooling system works

Geothermal Energy: The World's Greenest Heating and Cooling System

Looking for an efficient, cost effective, and environmentally friendly heating/cooling system? A geothermal heat pump is the greenest way to go. Learn the facts about geothermal energy. Energy and cost savings of geothermal heat pumps will vary by region and type of conventional system they're compared with. But the energy cost of geothermal versus conventional HVAC systems will always be lower — and the geothermal system will always be greener.

Geothermal Versus Conventional Cost Comparison

Natural gas, Electrical, Oil, Propane Systems

How much can you save in energy costs with a geothermal system? Calculate your home's potential geothermal system cost savings.

Who Says Geothermal Energy is the Best Choice

Geothermal energy is recognized as the most efficient and greenest heating/cooling method by opinion leaders in government and private sectors.

Government agencies, Consumer, industry, and scientific organizations
See what the U.S. Department of Energy and EnergyStar are saying about geothermal systems.

What Do Owners of Geothermal Systems Think?

Up to 95% of geothermal system owners would recommend installing such a system in the home. That's reflected in a number of online users' and owners' forums, including GeoExchange where you can experience the viewpoints of geothermal system owners.

Geothermal Installation Video Geothermal Installation Video
Wondering how the process works?
Here's one homeowner's account of a geothermal installation: geothermal system installation.

Create a Greener, More Energy-Efficient Home

Governmental agencies like the EPA and Department of Energy, consumer and industry groups, and geothermal system owners all agree: geothermal heating and cooling is considered the world's greenest and most energy-efficient.
For more information on geothermal systems and creating a greener, more energy-efficient home contact WaterFurnace.

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