A simple solution for radiant heating

Geothermal heat pumps provide unmatched efficiencies while radiant brings unrivaled comfort—the best of both worlds. WaterFurnace HydroLogic is a simple, turnkey solution for radiant heating that integrates seamlessly into a WaterFurnace geothermal system.

Installing radiant heating has never been easier, and homeowners will love their warm and comfortable floors. The main component of HydroLogic is a pre-piped, pre-wired modular mechanical panel designed to simplify the mechanical room installation. The mechanical panel supports cooling, dehumidification, and multiple zones of radiant heating while optimizing heat pump performance by automatically adjusting water temperatures based on indoor feedback and outdoor temperature via the included sensor. HydroLogic's intelligent heat/cool switchover reduces energy waste and maximizes the overall system performance.

Features & Benefits
  • Easy equipment selection
  • Powerful communicating controls integrate both forced air and radiant heating
  • Simple wiring without an electrician
  • Professional appearance, appliance look
  • Optional insulated models for chilled water
  • Easy to add on zones, even in field
  • Solid warranty
HydroLogic Panel
  1. Communicating controls
  2. Pressure relief valve
  3. Automatic fill valve
  4. Expansion tank
  5. Zone expansion connection
  6. Rugged steel frame
  7. Micro-bubble air separator
  8. Water pumps
  9. Fill and purge valves
  10. Zone valves
  11. Service valve with pressure gauge
  12. 115 V Plug (not shown)
  13. Sensors (not shown)
Integrated Heat Pump Control System

WaterFurnace integrated heat pump control systems include: centralized control, radiant and air thermostat operation, outdoor temperature reset, indoor temperature feedback, sharing of time, schedules and outdoor temperature, and one heat/cool mode setting for the entire system.