EZ Advertising

EZ Advertising
Social Media Advertising Made Simple

With the WaterFurnace EZ Advertising program, you don't have to worry about creating ads, writing copy, or buying media. It's as easy as choosing a budget and clicking an "on/off" button! You get all the leads but none of the hassle! Budgets can be set for a certain date range, spread across a month evenly, or set to recur indefinitely—it's your choice. Best of all, this program qualifies for MDF dollars so it’s extremely cost effective.

If you want to gain awareness for your business and grow your social media presence, this is the program for you!

Qualifies for MDF. No Contracts. No monthly fees.
Easy to Use

We do all the hard work like concepts, copy writing, photos, and ad placements. This program uses no contracts, no monthly fees, and it qualifies for our MDF dollars. If you already have a business Facebook profile, we can tie into that. If not, you can use the WaterFurnace profile but still receive all your leads.

No Monthly Fees

Other programs that are similar (but much more resource-intensive to use) start at $69 per month and scale past $200 per month. WaterFurnace has created this program with convenience in mind. So instead of any contracts or monthly obligations, 14.9% of your Boost Budget covers management of the program. If you choose to add funds using the convenient ACH option, that number drops to 12%. After the MDF match, program management represents only 6-8% of your overall spend.

simple interface to easily access campaign
Generate Quality Leads

People spend much more time online than with TV, radio, or print, so you have a much better chance of reaching the right people. These are consumers that are already in tune with what your business has to offer rather than advertising to everyone regardless of demographic. The EZ Advertising platform is one of the most cost-effective ways to generate quality leads.

simple interface to easily access campaign
Awareness at the push of a button

Awareness is at the core of any advertising, but social media can build that awareness even more than any other media type. Becoming well-known in your market can make your business the first thing that comes to mind when a consumer needs HVAC help. On top of consumer awareness, building this recognition can also help attract the right talent when it comes to recruiting for your business.

iPad showing Facebook social media likes and loves
Grow a community of advocates and positive reviews

Facebook is a great platform for customers to voice their opinions and talk about their geothermal systems. By fostering that communication and providing the feeling of community among your customers, you can benefit from loyal engaged customers.

slider to control dollar amount of budget
Simple budget control

Budgets can be set for a certain date range, spread across a month evenly, or set to recur indefinitely—it’s your choice. And there’s no need to spend more than necessary. If you decide you’re getting enough attention, you can always drop it down to what’s best for your business.

map of targeted area selected
Target specific areas that you define

You have the power to define your service areas by using a simple and intuitive map in the platform. There’s no reason to spend money to advertise in locations that you don’t service, so be sure to whittle it down to areas you want to travel to.

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