Renewable Relief Assistance Program
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Renewable Relief Assistance Program

Due to the current environment, more than 43% of consumers say they’ve delayed the purchase of large-ticket items.4 To help homeowners who want to adopt geothermal immediately, from now until September 30, 2020 WaterFurnace is offering the Renewable Relief Assistance Program. Install one of our most efficient and comfortable geothermal heat pumps—the variable speed 7 Series and the dual capacity 5 Series—and make no payments for up to 12 Months. And, to highlight our compatibility with Alexa, homeowners will receive a free Amazon Dot after they register Symphony.

Cost effective

Geothermal is the most cost effective way to heat and cool your home. Our incredibly efficient units make it even easier to save on monthly bills.

Enviromentally friendly

The innovative loop system of a geothermal unit makes it possible to heat and cool without producing harmful greenhouse gasses

Incredible comfort

WaterFurnace units provide precise, even temperatures and eliminate cold or warm sponts. It's luxurious comfort you have to experience to believe.


WaterFurnace units are installed indoors so they're not subject to the punishing effects of weather. They have an incredible lifespan of 25 years or more.


Because natural gas, propane, or oil isn’t required to operate a WaterFurnace system, there’s no combustion, flames, or fumes and no chance of carbon monoxide poisoning.


One compact WaterFurnace unit provides heating, central air conditioning, and supplemental domestic hot water for your entire home.

WaterFurnace units

For a limited time, get no payments for up to 12 months¹ when you finance one of these qualifying systems through the GEOSmart financing program.

7 Series Promotion Package

The variable speed 7 Series 700A11 provides homeowners the ultimate in comfort and performance and represents our finest products. It provides a level of comfort that you have to experience to believe.

5 Series Promotion Package

The versatile 5 Series 500A11 indoor package or SAH Air Handler paired with a 500R11 indoor split or 500RO11 outdoor split can provide forced air heating and air conditioning, all while offering a level of comfort and savings that’s far greater than any ordinary system.

Get a free Amazon Echo Dot when you register your Symphony Platform! Amazon Echo Dot
Comfortable from anywhere

Imagine a platform that can provide detailed feedback of your system in real-time and the tools to control it all from any web-enabled smart phone, tablet, or computer. That's Symphony. Receive alerts and service reminders via email, text message, and in-app notifications — for you and your contractor.

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1 Loans provided by EnerBank USA, Member FDIC, (1245 Brickyard Rd., Suite 600, Salt Lake City, UT 84106) on approved credit, for a limited time. Repayment terms vary from 24 to 132 months. Interest waived if repaid in 365 days. 17.99% fixed APR, effective as of June 2020, subject to change. Interest starts accruing when the loan closes.
2 With registration of your Symphony Home Comfort Platform
3 30% through 2032, 26% through 2033, and 22% through 2034. Check with your tax professional for eligibility.
4 WARC Data Points, May 2020