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Marketing Development Funds

MDF Video

Video of webinar explaining the benefits and usage of the MDF program.

Marketing Development Funds (MDF) are our next generation of coop advertising. This program represents a significant step forward in both tools and features. In addition to an online interface for checking and managing your funds, you'll receive innovative new tools to remove the most common obstacles you face when advertising.

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To sign up please contact your territory manager with a marketing action plan prepared. Your territory manager may also help you build an action plan if necessary.

How MDF solves your problems

Obstacle 1

"I don't feel comfortable finding and buying ad space."

Our new MDF program removes this barrier by providing a local media-buying partner you can utilize to guide you through the ad buying process. They can provide an overview of your options and walk you through the process – ensuring you make the most of your ad dollars.

If you're already comfortable with media buying, the local buying partner can very often secure space at a discount from what you'd be offered, thanks to an agency discount.

Obstacle 2

"I don't have any materials to advertise with."

The award-winning WaterFurnace marketing team has created dozens of ads in the most common sizes and formats that you can choose and customize online – all from the privacy of your office or home. The system allows you to customize any type of media as it becomes available – from print to TV to radio. Take our premade TV commercials and add your contact information with an audio tag and deliver them to the station – all from within the system.

Obstacle 3

"I don't like having to wait for my coop funds."

Many dealers don't like waiting to be reimbursed for their claims. Especially when the reimbursement is in the form of a credit tied to future purchases. Wait no more.

With the new MDF program, ads purchased through the system and fulfilled with corporate materials through the online interface are only responsible for their half. For example, if your materials come to $1000, pay only the $500 you owe conveniently with your credit card. No more waiting.