Commercial markets for water source heat pumps

Multi-Family Markets

WaterFurnace's commercial portfolio of central and distributed solutions provides buildings with innovative technology to meet zoning and space conditioning requirements. WaterFurnace Commercial Solutions can provide increases to building efficiency with lower demand profiles and the flexibility to meet the varied usage requirements of today's multi-family building.

High Reliability Equals Low Maintenance

The WaterFurnace name was built on the highest quality and reliability standards. High levels of reliability ensure low maintenance for systems in individual residences—providing less interruption of your tenants' daily lives.

Sophisticated Controls and Monitoring

Communicating Aurora controls provide energy monitoring for tenants' spaces, allowing billing and maintenance without needing a complicated Building Automation System. Aurora also provides remote access and diagnostics so troubleshooting can be done before disrupting tenants.

Innovative and Flexible Systems to Meet Any Space Requirements

WaterFurnace offers a wide selection of efficiencies, sizes, and technologies to fit any space—central or distributed. Our Versatec Rooftop is ideal for larger recreational or retail spaces while individual systems provide efficient, quiet, and safe comfort for each apartment or condominium.