Education markets for water source heat pumps

Education Markets

The WaterFurnace name is associated with clean, safe, quiet products that contribute to a healthy learning environment and better scholastic performance in educational facilities of any level or size. Our systems are compact for easy retrofits and feature innovative technologies like energy monitoring and communicating controls to facilitate easier management.

Children in classroom raising their hands

Save The Budget for More Important Things

WaterFurnace commercial solutions can protect your educational facility from the volatility of fossil fuel costs. Water source heat pumps provide some of the highest efficiencies and the lowest total cost of ownership to help ensure affordable, stable operating budgets. Use your budget to improve the education experience instead of on high conditioning costs.

Versatec Rooftop Innovative and Flexible Systems For Schools

Innovative and Flexible Systems to Meet Any Space Requirements

WaterFurnace offers a wide selection of efficiencies, sizes, and technologies to fit any space—central or distributed. Our Versatec Rooftop is ideal for larger spaces while compact, high-efficiency packaged units provide cost-effective, quiet, and safe comfort for individual classrooms. Water source systems can also be installed in hallways rather than in-room for more convenient maintenance options.

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Safe Heat Transfer with Water

Piping large amounts of refrigerant between classrooms can pose a risk — just like the combustion of fossil fuels. Water source heat pumps provide safe conditioning in educational facilities with low to no refrigerant transportation.