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Condominium Applications
Versatec™ Ultra UCV

  • 17.0 EER / 3.5 COP (ARI 13256-1 GLHP)

The Versatec Ultra UCV Condo Unit represents an improvement in compact, value based water source heat pumps (WSHP) designed specifically for condominium and apartment applications. This limited product line offers improved reliability and higher efficiency at an affordable price while maintaining the footprint of less efficient ‘legacy’ product. This unit incorporates the standard features such as environmentally–friendly R410A refrigerant, reliable scroll or rotary compressors, microprocessor controls, and foil-faced glassfiber insulation for improved indoor air quality (IAQ).

The UVC product is currently available in select locations. Contact factory for availability and pricing.


  • Compact 24" cabinet design allows unit to fit through narrow doorways
  • Environmentally friendly R410A
  • High efficiency scroll or rotary compressor
  • Advanced microprocessor controller with electronic condensate overflow protection
  • Dual compressor isolation for ultimate low frequency sound attenuation
  • Blower inlet oriented 90 degrees from air coil to facilitate sound reduction and improved efficiency
  • Removable blower inlet ring for improved blower serviceability
  • 75 VA transformer for adequate control power for accessories
  • Lift out 1" filter rails for ease of service & installation
  • Optional 2" MERV 13 filter with deluxe 4 sided filter rack
  • Cleanable foil faced insulation for enhance IAQ
  • Engineered composite condensate drain pan for improved IAQ and corrosion resistance.

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