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A More Informed Investment is a Smarter Investment

• Notice of Meeting and Management Information Circular for the August 18th 2014 Special Meeting of Shareholders
• Investor Presentation  (PowerPoint Show - posted 05/13/10)
• Current Trading Price on the Toronto Stock Exchange
Trading Symbol = WFI
CUSIP Number = 9415EQ108
• Board Member Listing
  • James R. Shields
    Chairman Emeritus
    WaterFurnace Renewable Energy

  • Timothy E. Shields
    WaterFurnace Renewable Energy

  • Thomas C. Dawson, CA
    Corporate Director

  • J. David Day, LLB
    Corporate Director

  • Charles R. Diltz
    Sr. Vice President
    Comfort Systems USA

  • Dr. Geoffery W.J. Pottow
    President and CEO
    The Becker Milk Co. Ltd.

• Financial Statements
• New Tax Credits and Incentives
• Annual Information Form - March 25, 2014
• Information Circular - March 25, 2014
• How Can a U.S. Citizen Buy WaterFurnace Renewable Energy Stock
• Corporate Governance

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WaterFurnace Renewable Energy
9000 Conservation Way
Fort Wayne, IN 46809
(260) 478-5667

Employee Whistle Blower Hotline: (888) 475-8376

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