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Envision™ Series Outdoor Split

Overall efficiency, performance & features: ★★★★★

  • 25.3 EER / 4.4 COP (ARI 13256-1 GLHP)

Brochure Specification Installation Submittal

Envision Series Outdoor Splits are connected to an indoor air handler (or fossil fuel furnace) via refrigerant lines and control wiring. Envision split units utilize the ozone-safe R-410A refrigerant to meet the most stringent EPA requirements. Easily accessible controls and connections make this unit simple to install in a wide variety of applications. Heavy gauge metal cabinets are coated with poly paint for protection from the weather and elements. This Envision Series split will provide exceptional performance and comfort for many years. And because there is no outdoor fan like ordinary air conditioners or heat pumps, the Envison is significantly quieter.

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