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Special Offer for WaterFurnace Dealers

Your new direct-mail piece just got delivered. The phones are starting to ring. Callers are coming in hot and heavy, sometimes placed on "hold". What are customers hearing? Dead Silence, "beeps", "elevator music", or the radio? Now you can turn HOLD time into SOLD time with a little help from the on-hold marketing pro’s at Profits On-Hold Productions, LLC! In a perfect world, NO phone call would ever be placed on hold but that’s just not reality. On-hold marketing from POHP, LLC can help prevent caller hang-ups, promote your company’s HVAC services while informing and educating callers about the benefits of Geothermal and WaterFurnace products and promotions!

Our subscription plans include digital equipment (prior phone system not required), equipment maintenance, and everything that goes into your production, from scripting and revisions to voicing (with male and female voice talents), all music licensing, shipping and handling.  You just choose the package that best fits your needs based on the number of on-hold announcement updates you'll need on an annual basis.

Remember, we do the work.  This isn't meant to become a part-time job for you.  All we need is basic bullet-point info. We then research the information you've provided and script it. You then revise the script until you're ready to roll with it. Our goal is to keep your branding and marketing consistent. After all, POHP, LLC is a marketing company - we just happen to be in the audio-production business!

Package 1: $79/mo.
Seasonal - (Up to 4x updates annually)

Package 2: $59/mo.
Heating/Cooling Seasons Only -
(Up to 2x updates annually)

Terms: Billing Annually

Male:  Thank you for calling WaterFurnace International, the most recognized and respected name in geothermal. WaterFurnace geothermal comfort systems use the clean, renewable energy found in your own backyard to provide savings up to 70% on heating cooling, and hot water. Visit WaterFurnace dot com to see for yourself why our products are "Smarter from the Ground Up".

Visit Profits On-Hold Productions, LLC to take advantage of this limited time offer!

*Typical turnaround time is 2 weeks for your equipment (system comes standard with generic "thank you for holding" messages until your custom message is approved, voiced, and completed), and 14 business days for your approved script to be voiced.
As a special dealer incentive we will waive the standard $125 installation fee!

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