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How can a U.S. citizen invest in a Canadian stock?

Investing in foreign stocks can be a great way to diversify your portfolio. Over the years, buying non-U.S.-listed stock, known as ordinaries, has become much easier and cheaper. Many multinational brokers in the United States offer clients the ability to buy stocks listed on foreign markets. Keep in mind there may be restrictions on the quantity and total value of foreign securities you can hold in your U.S. account. Not all brokerage companies offer international investment services, so you may have to do a little shopping around to find the firm that meets your needs.

Company common shares for WaterFurnace Renewable Energy, Inc. trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol WFI. Contact your local stock broker to further assist you with this great investment opportunity.

( Note: All dividends are "eligible" for Canadian tax purposes. )

Get Current Stock Quote from the Toronto Stock Exchange Current Stock Quote for WaterFurnace Renewable Energy(TSX)

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