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Ground Loop Design Premier

Ground Loop Design PREMIER is a versatile software tool that assists the trained geothermal HVAC designer or consulting engineer in properly determining the appropriate ground loop required to meet the designed equipment loads. The modular design of the software suite enhances productivity and permits flexibility in the design process based upon project specific requirements or design preferences. Standardized reports can be generated with either concise or detailed information to properly convey the ground loop design in a professional manner. Enhancements to the GLD PREMIER allow the designer to model the impact of a fixed ground loop length on both system efficiency and fluid temperatures. Design data may be viewed in either the "classic view" or in an "ever-view" mode while navigating and working in the various modules. A heating dominant hybrid ground loop design option has also been added to determine the appropriate sizing of a supplemental boiler. All of these features and more make this an invaluable design tool for any geothermal HVAC designer or consulting engineer.

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