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Since 1992 over 2 million water source heat pumps
were sold in North America

and installed in traditional water loop (boiler/tower) applications. This means that between 70,000 and 100,000 water source heat pumps are reaching the end of their expected service life each year. WaterFurnace is offering The Get Fit Program to help you target this important replacement market and increase your sales.

Choose Your Efficiency

Average unit efficiencies of new water source heat pumps were around 10.7 EER and 3.4 COP twenty years ago. The VersatecBase offers minimum efficiencies of 13.0 EER and 4.4 COP—achieving a 20% reduction in energy consumption. Configuring the VersatecBase with the optional ECM blower technology offers a 30% reduction in energy consumption. Do you want or need more efficiency? Check out the VersatecUltra or Envision² Compact models with higher efficiencies and compact cabinet sizes.

Versatec Base
13.0 EER & 4.4 COP
(WLHP Rating)

Versatec Ultra
15.7 EER & 5.21 COP
(WLHP Rating)

Envision² Compact
20.3 EER & 6.4 COP
(WLHP Rating)

Envision Consoles
20.3 EER & 6.4 COP
(WLHP Rating)

Choose Your Features

The VersatecBase offers features & options not available from competitors’ lowest tier product lines.

  • ECM blower technology - constant torque or constant CFM
  • Standard MERV 4 air filters or optional high performance MERV 13
  • Standard mill finish air coil or optional Formishield coated coil
  • Polymer composite condensate drain pan or optional stainless steel
  • Aurora base microprocessor control or factory applied DDC controls
  • Optional non-fused electrical disconnect with integral lockout-tagout feature
  • Optional phase guard protection
  • Optional factory mounted water control valves

Choose Your Lead Time

WaterFurnace offers a standard 6 week lead time on all commercial water source heat pumps or a 3-Day lead time on select VersatecBase models. Don’t settle for what may be in stock—configure the units to fit your customer’s needs.

A 1980’s typical office building replacement project with 100 tons of equipment.

per year savings

Total Tons: 100
Total BTUH: 1,200,000
Old EER: 10.0
New EER: 18.0
Fractional Run Hours per Year: 3,066
Electrical Cost per kWh = $0.07

These systems fit the mechanical space in the building, they fit within the customer’s energy conservation goals, they fit the customer’s needs and most importantly they fit within the maintenance budget. Join the Get Fit Program and watch your sales grow!

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Download the Program Replacement Guide

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